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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


By : Mbink93
On : 12:14 PM
In : ,
The centuries pass, and as the civilization of planet Zi continues to evolve, so do the Zoids that co-exist with the human inhabitants of the planet. These days, organizations engage in various Zoid activities: not just battles, but courier work, guard duty, and for some organizations, illicit activities.
A Zoid outfit called Mach Storm, doing its best to make ends meet, begins to become embroiled in an ongoing power struggle when a new type of Zoid emerges: the Fuzor, the fusion of two zoids to create a newer, more powerful Zoid.

Bent on becoming the best, young RD of Mach Storm, now pilot of the famous Liger Zero, struggles to find a way to even the stakes when his archrival, Blake (now pilot of the Berserk Fury), finds his Fuzor partner. He finds it in the wild Fire Phoenix.
The struggle of humans, Zoids, dark forces, and technology continues to advance, and the battles are only going to become more intense.

Type : rmvb
Subs : -
Size : 40 - 50 MB
server : mediafire


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